Darron G Ward

Darron G Ward B.Sc.,DD,RDT,CDT
Ward Denture Clinics Ltd

“As an owner clinician and dental technologist of a boutique denture clinic I strive for the absolute best for my patients. After researching other casting systems available in the dental industry it was an obvious choice to go with Bego.

The decision had been made to cast all our frameworks in house and thereby increase control over the quality of the castings provided to our patients. Bego has allowed me to give my patients the superior biocompatibility of Wironium alloy castings along with the exceptional fit, finish and density that is achieved by casting with the Nautilus vacuum pressure casting machine.

The Bego process is absolutely predictable and I have never experienced a miscasting in the more than 15 years I have been using their PRA system. I attended Bego’s PRA training course in Quebec City at Bego Canada where I found the hospitality to be warm and professional and the course content detailed.

Bego has been excellent both in their technical and logistical support. It is a pleasure to deal with a first class company and I have no reservations in recommending Bego to those dental professionals who seek to achieve the highest of quality in dentistry.”