BegoStone plus

BegoStone plus – Super-hard plaster

  • Type 4 high-quality, super-hard plaster which has been tried and tested over many years for building up models for the crown and bridge, inlay, partial denture and CAD/CAM techniques.
  • Optimal accuracy of detail with all standard impression materials demonstrates the extraordinary versatility of the product.
  • The thixotropic properties of BegoStone allow an immediate build-up.
  • BegoStone exhibits outstanding flow properties with only gentle vibration, making it easy to ensure that all parts of the impression are filled without any bubbles.
  • An ideal working time of approx. 5 minutes enables fatigue-free working.
  • The colour, ivory 35, guarantees that all fine details and preparation margins can be clearly captured and recognised in a scan.
  • Very smooth model surfaces and high abrasion resistance combined with ideal expansion values (0.09%, linear) provide an optimal basis for extremely precise restorations.
  • Extremely high bending tensile strength ensures optimal resistance against teeth and stumps breaking off.
  • Controlled batch-to-batch consistency means that BegoStone plus facilitates precise results which can be reproduced at any time.
Product details
Physical data
Colour ivory
Soaking time 15 seconds
Processing time at 20 °C approx. 5 minutes
Setting time (Vicat test) approx. 10 minutes
Compressive strength after 1 hour [MPa] 60
Bending tensile strength (DIN) after 24 hours [MPa] 12
Setting expansion [%] 0,09
Hardening time approx. 30 minutes
Hardness after 1 hour [MPa] approx. 220
Availability REF
BegoStone plus, 12 kg 54811

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