Wirovest® – Standard investment material for the partial denture technique

  • Classic phosphate-bonded partial denture investment material with particularly good results in the gel-duplication technique.
  • High expansion for accuracy of fit and minimal finishing.
  • Smooth model surfaces facilitate modelling and ensure equally smooth cast surfaces.
  • When mixed with water (for pouring the cylinder), Wirovest® exhibits a significantly reduced deflasking hardness – this saves time and money.
Product details
Characteristic values of the material according to DIN EN ISO 15912
Beginning of solidification (Vicat time) approx. 5 minutes
Compressive strength [MPa] 15 MPa
Linear thermal expansion [%] 1,15 %
Plage de manipulation à 20 °C approx. 3 minutes
Shelf life in unopened bag 24 months
Availability REF
Wirovest®, 45 x 400 g (18 kg) 51046
The packs do not contain any mixing liquid.
Accessories REF
BegoSol® mixing liquid, 1 lt 51090
BegoSol® mixing liquid, 5 lt 51091

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