BegoSol – Mixing liquid for BEGO investment materials

BegoSol® – Mixing liquid for BEGO investment materials

  • Depending on the alloy and the field of application, the required mixing ratio can be created for these liquids using distilled or demineralised water.
  • The higher the concentration of the mixing liquid, the greater the expansion of the investment material.
  • BegoSol® : (Anti-freeze optimization up to –10 °C) Mixing liquid for Wirovest®plus, WiroFast, Wiroplus® S, Wirovest® et Bellavest® T
  • BegoSol® HE : (frost-sensitive) Special mixing liquid for Bellavest® SH et Bellavest® T
  • BegoSol® K : (frost-sensitive)Special mixing liquid for WiroFine®
Product details
Availability REF
BegoSol®, 1 litre 51090
BegoSol®, 5 litres 51091
BegoSol® HE, 1 litre 51095
BegoSol® HE, 5 litres 51096
BegoSol® K, 1 litre 51120
BegoSol® K, 5 litres 51121


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