WIRONIUM® plus, Premium Cobalt-chrome partial denture alloy

Partial dentures par excellence


  • Enhanced version of the top-quality alloy WIRONIUM®.
  • Can be used universally in the field of combination work and clasp partial dentures.
  • Problem-free processing using the BEGO partial denture system.
  • Very low thermal conductivity means high wearing comfort for the patient.
  • Increased elongation limit and high modulus of elasticity for high resistance to possible deformations caused by masticatory forces.
  • The high elongation limit minimises the danger of clasp fractures.
  • Controlled carbon content ensures excellent laser welding properties.
  • Biocompatible and corrosion-resistant.
  • Type 5: Indicated for prosthetic restorations where parts thereof require a combination of high rigidity and strength, e.g. thin removable partial dentures, sections with thin cross-sections, clasps.
Product details
Composition in % by mass
Co 62.5 · Cr 29.5 · Mo 5.0 · Mn 1.5 · Si 1.0 · C · N · Ta
Alloy characteristics Standard values
Type (ISO 22674) 5
Density 8,2 g/cm3
Preheating temperature 950–1 050 °C
Solidus, liquidus temperature 1345, 1390 °C
Casting temperature approx. 1 440 °C
Young’s modulus 240 GPa
Proof strength (Rp0,2) 715 MPa
Ultimate strength (Rm) 1010 MPa
Elongation after fracture (A5) 14 %
Vickers hardness 350 HV10
Availability REF
WIRONIUM® plus, 1 kg 50190
Accessories REF
Wiroweld, Co-Cr laser wire, carbon-free, Ø 0,35 mm 50003
Wiroweld, Co-Cr laser wire, carbon-free, Ø 0,5 mm 50005
Cobalt-chrome solder 52520
WIRONIUM® plus tip : With particularly slender partial denture constructions, inaccessible areas should be polished with a handpiece brush to prevent deformations and avoid material reduction at unplanned points on the cast object.


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