VarseoWax Model

The resin for the 3D printing of dental models

  • VarseoWax Model for the 3D printing of implant models, full and partial dental models, models with removable dies, solid or hollow in construction.
  • The excellent dimensional stability of the plotted models form the ideal basis for precise, smooth and pore-free model surfaces.
  • VarseoWax Model can be insulated against adhesive wax, is resistant to moisture in order to facilitate problem-free cleaning and accordingly, its handling during processing is comparable
    to that of a conventional plaster model.
  • The opaque colour selected allows optimal identification of all model contours and preparation margins on die models, thus offering the ideal basis for highly precise restorations.
  • The possibility of duplication with silicone or hydrocolloid underlines VarseoWax Model’s broad scope of applications.
  • Solid models are suitable and validated for use as the basis for the further processing of thermoforming foil.
  • As a system component of the Varseo 3D print system, VarseoWax Model offers outstanding process reliability – the printing and processing parameters specially developed for the resin
    ensure smooth production sequences with reproducible results at any time.
  • Suitable for processing in DLP 3D printers with a wavelength from 385 nm to 405 nm.
  • Easy and error-free to process – high physical stability minimizes sedimentation during storage and facilitates mixing.
Product details
Product characteristics
Colour Gray
Modulus of elasticity ≥ 2,500 MPa
Viscosity 1,300 – 1,800 MPa.s
Hardness ≥ 84 Shore D
Density at 22 °C approx. 1.12 g/cm³
Layer thickness 50 μm
Flexural strength ≥ 80 MPa
Wavelenghts 385 nm to 405 nm
Availability REF
VarseoWax Model, 1 kg 41140

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