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📌 BEGO 2019 Catalogue  

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Precious alloys for Conventional Ceramics
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-certificates
BegoCer G            
BegoPal 300            
BegoPal S            –
Bio PontoStar            –
Bio PontoStar XL            
PontoLloyd G            –
PontoLloyd P            –
Pontostar G            


Precious Alloys for Low-Fusing Ceramics
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-certificates
BegoStar LFC            
Bio PlatinLloyd            
PlatinLloyd KF            –


Precious Alloys for Crowns & Bridges
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-certificates
AuroLloyd M            –
PlatinLloyd 100            


Solders for Precious Alloys
Safety Data Sheet
Solders for Precious Alloys    


Co-Cr Alloys for Partial Dentures
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-certificates Brochures
Wironit Extra-Hard                
Wironit LA                
WIRONIUM                –
WIRONIUM plus                
WIRONIUM Extra-Hard                –
📌 Partial Denture Technique Guidelines (brochure)    


Non-Precious Alloys for Crowns & Bridges
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-certificates Brochures
Wirobond 280                
Wirobond C                
Wiron 99                
📌 Crowns & Bridges Technique Guidelines (brochure)    


Solders for Non-Precious Alloys
Instructions Safety Data Sheets
CoCr Solder        
Wirobond Solder        
Wiron Solder        


Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-certificates
Titanium Gr.IV            –
Titanium Gr.V            –
Wirobond MI+ CoCr            
PMMA            –


Safety Data Sheets
Wironit Clasp Wire    
Talmi- Dental Training Alloy    
Talmi Solder    
Duplicating & Hardening
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Brochures
Castogel®    –        
Durol    –        –
Durol E    –        –
Durofluid    –        –
Wirogel® M            
Wirosil®            –

📌 In order to make sure you download the correct document, it is imperative to check the serial number (SN) of your BEGO equipment !

Documentation for BEGO equipment
Brochures Instructions Spare Parts Others
Eltropol 300
valid from SN 37300272
Fornax T
valid from SN 3990010
               Casting table
Gelovit 200
valid from SN 334.00171
LaserStar T plus
valid from SN 355.0032
Miditherm 100MP
valid from SN 306.01269
Miditherm 200MP
valid from SN 307.00804
Nautilus CC plus
valid from SN 39800101
               Casting table
Nautilus T
valid from SN 39700101
               Casting table
valid from SN 392.00100
Triton SLA
valid from SN 381.00001
Varseo S
valid from SN 382.00101
Varseo XS    


Contact us for any document pertaining to a device whose model and / or serial number does not appear in this list.

Safety instructions and general instructions for BEGO investment materials  

📌 BEGO Investment Materials Overview Brochure  

Crown & Bridge Investment
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Brochures
Bellavest® SH            
Bellavest® T (no longer available)            –
BegoForm®    –        –
Bellatherm®    –        –


Partial Denture Investment
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Brochures
WiroFast (no longer available)            
WiroFine            –
Wiropaint plus    –        –
Wirovest® plus            


Investment for 3D Printing
Instructions Short Instructions Safety Data Sheets Brochures
VarseoVest P plus                
VarseoVest C&B            


Mixing Liquids
Safety Data Sheets
Begosol & BegoForm liquid    
Begosol® HE et Begosol® K    
Jointing Technology
Safety Data Sheets

📌 The BEGO Wax and Modelling Range Brochure  

Safety Data Sheets
Anatomical Wax Bar Profiles    
Blocking-Out Wax    
Cervical Wax    
Crown Wax    
Dipping Wax    
Dipping Wax Hard-Elastic    
Milling Wax    
Occlusal Wax    
Preparation Wax    
Rapid-Wax System    
ScanWax / ScanBlock    
Smooth Casting Wax    
Stippled Casting Wax    
Wax Border Strips    
Wax Clasp Profile    
Wax Clasp Profiles for Molars / Premolars    
Wax Grid Retention    
Wax Profiles    
Wax Retentions    
Wax Ring Clasp Profile    
Wax Wire for Sprues    


Safety Data Sheets
Preheating and Casting
Safety Data Sheets

📌 BEGO VARSEO 3D Printing Brochure  

📌 Compatibility overview for 3D Printers and BEGO VARSEO 3D Printing Material  

📌 Finishing and Post-curing Process Guide  

Resins for the BEGO VARSEO 3D Printer
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Bio-Certificates
VarseoSmile Temp           
VarseoWax CAD/Cast            –
VarseoWax Model            –
VarseoWax Surgical Guide            
FREEPRINT-splint            –
Surface Treatment
Safety Data Sheets
Fine-Grain Grinding Stones    
Polishing Compounds    
Rough Grinding Stones    
Rubber Polishers    
Separating Discs    
Steribim super    
Work Preparation
Instructions Safety Data Sheets Brochures
Begostone plus            
Health Canada Licences
Medical devices establishment licence
#1011 – BEGO Canada
(You will be redirected to Health Canada’s website. Enter # “1011” in the “Licence number” field.)


BEGO Medical Device Licence
#72900 – Wironium & Wiron
#74903 – Precious Metal Alloys for Crown & Bridge
#75124 – Precious Metal Alloys for PFM
#83731 – Wirobond 280
#87884 – Non-Precious Metal Alloy Wires for Laser Welding
#88048 – Titanium Wires for Laser Welding
#88095 – Precious Metal Alloy Wires for Laser Welding
#88205 – Non-Precious Metal Alloys (including Co-Cr Milling Discs)
#88377 – Precious Solders
#88576 – Wironit Clasp Wires
#88797 – Non-Precious Solders
#92169 – Gr.4 Titanium Milling Discs
#92170 – Gr.5 Titanium Milling Discs
#97210 – VarseoWax Surgical Guide
#102710 – VarseoSmile Temp


BEGO IMPLANT SEMADOS Medical Device Licence
#66211 – Semados Implant System
#84481 – Sub-Tec Plus Abutments
#89931 – Sub-Tec Multi Plus System
#90787 – Sub-Tec CAD-CAM Abutments
#91255 – Temporary Abutments


MERZ DENTAL Medical Device Licence
#63439 – Artificial Teeth : Integral, Selection
#75923 – PMMA Merz Dental
#76211 – Artificial Teeth : Artegral
#83081 – Artificial Teeth : Deltaform
#92453 – Artificial Teeth : Artegral HD


DETAX Medical Device Licence
#95741 – Resin for 3D printer FREEPRINT-Splint