Welcome to Bego's Canadian division, delivering our world-class dental products to you.

Hundreds of satisfied customers

Robert Létourneau dd.

“From the moment I opened my denture clinic in Charlesbourg, Québec, and started using BEGO Canada, I found a sales representative who satisfied my needs to the fullest of my expectations. The ease at which the set-up of Merz teeth is achieved, especially the Artegral line, the prompt delivery and the politeness of the customer service department all make me highly recommend Bego Canada, its products and Merz teeth.”

Preston Dokuchie, RDT
Bespoke Dental Solutions

“Bego was my first choice when looking for a new casting system. I chose the Fornax T and am extremely happy with my decision. I love the simple design for both ease of use and serviceability. The Fornax T allows me to achieve superior results and predictable performance which is key for my business.”