VarseoSMILE Temp The tooth-colored resin for 3D printing of temporary crown and bridge constructions In the spotlight : More Info 1-800-463-2680 All our medical devices, such as our dental alloys and 3D printing resins for crowns and bridges, are Health Canada approved. This is a reassuring thought. Did you know? VarseoVest P plus BEGO's Investment Material for ALL your 3D Printed Partial Denture Frame casting needs. In the spotlight : More Info 1-800-463-2680

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Hundreds of satisfied customers

Ross San Diego
Laboratory Demonstrator, Vancouver Community College

“BEGO was already the system in place when I started working at Vancouver Community College in 1995. After studying their information and system I found them easy to work with and so have continued to use them over the years. (more…)

Robert Létourneau dd.

“From the moment I opened my denture clinic in Charlesbourg, Québec, and started using BEGO Canada, I found a sales representative who satisfied my needs to the fullest of my expectations. The ease at which the set-up of Merz teeth is achieved, especially the Artegral line, the prompt delivery and the politeness of the customer service department all make me highly recommend Bego Canada, its products and Merz teeth.”